Gargoyle Setup

Gargoyle setup for use in a traffic managed location.

 There are four areas that need to be set up

  1. Connection :: Basic
  2. Connection :: DHCP
  3. Firewall :: Quotas
  4. System :: Router Access

Setup the Connection :: Basic as follows.


  1. This will be a Gateway device.
  2. We will always connect via a Static IP (Wired), anything else could be unstable.
  3. The IP Address will need to be outside the range of the DHCP setting for the customers ADSL router, or what ever other firewall device connects them to the Internet.
  4. Set the Gateway to the IP address of the ADSL router.
  5. The LAN Router IP needs to be in a different sub net that the WAN IP address. Something like, it is quiteleikly that is used by the ADSL router.
  6. Set the DNS Server to Google DNS Servers
  7. Set the Wireless Mode to (AP)
  8. Give the SSID as the name of the customer, this may help as a bit of advertising for people searching for a place to have a coffee where there is WiFi.
  9. If you can check the channels in the local area, choose one that is not being used.
  10. Remember, try and speperate your self by five changels from anthing near by.
  11. Do not use any Encryption. This makes it easier for the owner and for their customers.
  12. Remember we are doing data limits so the need for encryption is removed by this.


Save Changes

If you do not do this and move to another page you will lose your settings.

Connection :: DHCP


  1. Setup DHCP
  2. Generally the default range would be enough addresses, 100-250 (150 devices)


Save Changes

If you do not do this and move to another page you will lose your settings.

Firewall :: Quotas

  1. Generally the quotas we set are:
  2. 75 Meg Up
  3. 75 Meg Down
  4. 75 Meg Total
  5. Therefor a will get 75 Megs of traffic.
  6. We then set a Bandwidth Limit, 48KBytes Up and Down. This is more than enough to finsh that email of web page, but not to do any Video or Music.


Save Changes

If you do not do this and move to another page you will lose your settings.

 Once you have saved the page should look like this.

System :: Router Access

  1. Finally we need to set up Web Access.
  2. This is so we can have access to this device remotely.
  3. We allow both HTTP & HTTPS access on the LAN port.
  4. We want to set up HTTPS only access on the WAN port (Remote Web Admin Access:)



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