Business Servers

Our servers are all built around HP or Dell Hardware and the Linux distribution CentOS.

Business Server. (Latest Quote)



Use Firewall, Email Server, File Server ^ Purchase Installation Monthly

Running on HP Server Hardware
3 x 1 TB HD in RAID5 for a total of 2 TB storage
3 year warranty

Installation $2-4,000
UPS 1700 Watt $950.00
Software CentOS & System Patches $25.00
Remote Backups (up to 50 GBytes data)* $50.00
Systems monitoring and alerts $20.00
Email Filtering Spam/Virus $15.00
Monthly Support $110.00

* Extra total data stored over 50 GBytes is charged at $5.00/Mth for 5 GByte or part there of.

All Prices Exclude GST

^ Definitions

what allows the computers on your network to access the Internet in the way you want; with controls and monitoring  in place to keep your staff safe, and to keep the nasties of the Internet out.

Email Server:
all emails for your company are managed by this server. All incoming emails are checked for Spam and Virues. A web interface is also proveded for out of office access.

File Server:
Store all your companies information in one place.
Staff access what they are meant to access.

Add our Backup Service and all company files are backed up each night to our offsite Backup Server.


Emails via Google

Email is a deeply abused system.

From viruses to spam to identity theft.

Our way of beating this is to use Google.

To send and receive emails with your domain name you will need at least 1 Google Apps for Work account.

These cost $60US/Year/eMail address.

They provide 25GB of backup for your computer.

And gives you access to Googles replacement to Microsoft Office: Google Drive all online, always available on all your devices.


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ambassadors For over 20 years we have been Catering in the Wairarapa with fabulous food and excellent service.
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Open Source Software.


gimpThe Free & Open Source Image Editor

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.